I feel very honoured to welcome you to our school. Currently as the Proprietress AndHead of Primary School, . Excel Schools has over the years made a name for itself by honouring the threshold of excellence – in academics, sports, competitions and most of all in relationships. Our commitment to outstanding success in the core areas of development has made us the most sought after Schools  Nationwide.
Excel  Schools is a happy school; hence, the slogan “the friendly school” – this shows the relationship excellence that exists among staff, parents and especially pupils of Go Ahead Schools. We are a school that thrives on respecting individual differences and harnessing strengths for the forward movement of the organisation; I believe that my job is constituted of training my pupils to inculcate values and experiences that will be useful for their future in any part of the world and the universe at large. This has been my sole responsibility and also that of my team of committed and dedicated teachers; the depth of the successes that we have recorded lies in the passion and will of the Excel Schools team to reach our pupils in meaningful and lasting ways. Without question, we have earned the right to equate ourselves with best  schools of the world; by providing the kind of educational experience that our pupils will never forget, through the use of an enriched curriculum that exists among the other international Schools.
I am passionate about the needs of your children; and that’s why the Excel Schools family seeks to prepare young people who will influence our dynamic world beyond the 21st century. Our parents are given full value for the investment they are making, because there is no greater service than fully utilized human potential. As one of the best independent schools for boys and girls aged 3 to 11 years, located in the beautiful and serene part of Ikire  Metropolis Osun State , in a bid to help our pupils experience an all-encompassing curriculum; we give to them a right to experience a rich, engaging and forward-looking school life.
As you go through our school website page, we express to you our deepest and heartfelt welcome into our school and hope we leave a lasting impression in your mind; by accessing our school website page, we leave you a running summary of sorts from the different links we have on the school’s website page – we hope your visit here will serve as a window to your heart and awaken interest to visit our school beyond its virtual capacity.
We say welcome home and welcome back to returning visitors; we look forward to your coming to see us physically, and to new visitors, we can’t wait to meet you in person and we see this as a start to a wonderful relationship, and look forward to hearing from you. Please come, visit us, and meet the pupils who make this a very special place by offering you a long lasting relationship.
Best regards till then.
Mrs. Abiolu Caroline.
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