Welcome Speech from School Administrator

It is my utmost pleasure to introduce our Schools to you on this site.
The various schools that make up the Excel Schools’  are very special schools. One reason they are so special is that the founding purpose of the first school, set more than 20 years ago, remains at the core of everything that we aim to achieve today. We are not-for-profit, which means that every fund realized from our stakeholders is invested for the progress of our students.

It is also our aim to provide inspirational teaching that would spark a desire for ever increasing knowledge in our students through outstanding teachers.We place you, our parents and pupils at the centre of our work here. Education is a partnership between home and school and we place a great deal of emphasis on our partnership with you, our parents. It is true that children learn best when parents and teachers collaborate. When your child starts school, it is not where your responsibilities end and school’s begin, it is where ours begin and yours continue.

Our Paramount goal is for every one of our Students to achieve outstanding outcome in their studies.

We ensure the highest standards of behaviour in both staff and students. We fully appreciate the fact that students only learn in a calm and safe environment. We have a very straightforward approach to behavior enhanced by the ‘’7 habits of Highly Effective Kids’’ and ‘’The Leader In Me.’’We provide a world class curriculum for the students. Our curriculum is outstanding and dynamic as we regularly develop it to raise standards. Whilst recognising traditional values, it reflects the world as it is today and prepares our students for the future.

We are an effective team here and it is through that team pulling in the same direction that we will continue to create a place where exceptional education can be witnessed first-hand and where respect is central to all activities.Since we recognise that each child has the potential to exceed expectations, we encourage students to question and apply their knowledge, think creatively, be accommodating and ponder over their learning to achieve even better results.

We are happy our students achieve excellent results in examinations but this is not enough; our co-curricular program includes music, sport, drama and many other areas. We expect students to benefit from this exciting provision.
Join us as we prepare children for a very bright and exciting future.

Our Skills that helped us achieved Outstanding Performances

Success Rate
Outstanding Success in WAEC Examinations 96%
Committed And Dedicated Staff
Committed And Dedicated Staff 94%
Both Local And National Award Winning
Both Local And National Award Winning 99%
Conducive Learning Environment
Conducive Learning Environment 93%
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